Cautioning Trojan Horse Socialism in the Year of Our Bernie

I recently published a piece on the PPE site. First, the website an amazing resource – bookmark that shit. And second, here’s a snippet to entice ya to read the rest:

“I can’t stand political Eeyorism. Much like the lovably, ever-depressive Eeyore’s parade-raining, the tendency to quash political optimism attached to perceived momentum is a stagnating online political trope. Irony aside, here’s some rain for my fellow anti-capitalists: Trojan Horse Socialism does have a serious downside of which we need to be aware. 

Trojan Horse Socialism is the approach whereby popularly desirable policy proposals serve as the vehicle by which democratic socialism can breech the walls of the Shining City on a Hill. Once inside, social democracy opens to the flowering of democratic socialism. First, universal healthcare; then, dictatorship of the proletariat. 

This strategy has been thrust into the political limelight in the wake of the growing popularity of social democratic policy advocacy in the post-Bernie United States. BB (Before Bernie), tentpole proposals such as Medicare for All or free college/debt cancellation were inconceivable as viable galvanizing Democratic Party initiatives, let alone mainstream talking points. However, AB (In the Year of Our Bernie), there has been considerable growth supporting such policies among the American electorate, opening the socio-political landscape into policy terrain that presents both wonderful potency and also regressive compromise. It is this latter possibility that concerns me. As voyagers into foreign political lands, we need to be aware that there be dragons here.”

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